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May 9, 2012

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Dear Residents:


On Sunday, May 20th the Town celebrates its 92nd Annual Clean Up Day. Since 1920, Hunts Point residents have gathered together to "Spring Clean" the streets, right of ways, parks, and common areas. With most of the Town now under professional landscape management, Clean Up Day has evolved into more of a community event for socializing, eating, and having fun. This is a great time to meet your neighbors and participate in Town activities.


The Block Watch Map Your Neighborhood parties are also designed to build community spirit, while educating our residents on crime prevention and emergency preparedness.  See this newsletter and the Town's website for more details.


We invite all residents, especially the new ones, to join us for Clean Up Day Sunday, May 20th. Attend some, or all of the Clean Up Day activities, and enjoy a day with your neighbors




Fred McConkey







With the increased use of the internet and email, the Town is no longer showing personal contact information in an electronic format, such as the name or address for the Clean Up Day Cocktail Party.  All Block Watch lists are confidential information and will only be distributed in hard copy, and only to the neighbors of that Block Watch zone.


The Town has mailed hard copy information regarding Clean Up Day to residents, which has the name and address of the Cocktail Party included on it. If you are a resident, but did not get this invitation, please call Town Hall at 425-455-1834.





The Town is rolling out the Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program to all Hunts Point residents. This program is similar to Block Watch (BW). Block Watch is a neighborhood watch program that focuses on preventing and reporting burglaries. MYN is a neighborhood program that focuses on emergency preparedness. The main emergency potential threat in this region is a major earthquake.  But, a big storm with extended loss of electricity would use provisions of the MYN plan as well.


Last week, 14 Block Watch captains attended a training session for MYN, on Emergency Preparedness. These Block Captains will be hosting neighborhood gatherings to share the MYN information through a one hour DVD training program.  They will  update contact information and discuss methods for preventing crime.


The 9 steps taught in the MYN DVD are:


1.         Take care of loved ones.

2.         Protect your head, hands, and feet (bike helmet, leather gloves, and hard

            soled shoes).

3.         Check for natural gas or propane leaks outside and inside your home.

4.         Shut off water at the house main.

5.         Place HELP, or OK signs.

6.         Put fire extinguisher on the sidewalk (if not being used).

7.         Gather at Town Hall.

8.         Form teams at Town Hall for first aid, search and rescue.

9.         Care for the elderly and children at a "safe house".


This program will be taught through the MYN DVD, facilitated by your Block Watch Captain. This is also a great time to meet your neighbors and exchange personal contact information to be used in an emergency.  The BW Captain will be contacting you. The Hunts Point Emergency Plan is a federal requirement and will make our neighborhood safer. Thanks in advance for your participation.




May 19th 9AM - Noon 


On Saturday, May 19th the Planning Commission will lead the Emergency Practice Session at Town Hall. The drill will focus on:


1.         Hand held radio use

2.         Search and rescue for the elderly, children, and those injured

3.         How to turn off natural gas and water

4.         Help cards and first aid.


Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the Emergency Practice Day on May 19th.  Please don't wait until we have a true emergency for this to become important information to you. If you have a Hunts Point issued hand held radio, please bring it, fully charged, to this practice drill.


The entire MYN program and DVD content is posted on our new and improved Town website at: www.huntspoint-wa.gov, click "Community", then click "Emergency Preparedness", go to the MYN link.







The entire Block Watch program is also available on the Town website, at: www.huntspoint-wa.gov, click "community", then click "Block Watch".


The four priorities of Block Watch are:


1.         Lock all doors and windows, all of the time.

2.         Set burglar alarms, all of the time.

3.         Park cars in a locked garage. If parked outside, lock the car and remove

            garage door opener from the car.

4.         Use a locking mailbox.


Report any suspicious activity, immediately, to 911. The Medina Police will respond quickly.


Residents who follow these suggestions will reduce their chances of having their property burglarized by 80%.






The Hunts Point SMP update is nearly completed.  We have one more round of negotiations  with the DOE before finalizing and submitting the plan. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the SMP committee that has reviewed and negotiated this document in detail for the last six months. The SMP Committee is comprised of Peter Powell, Rod Olson, Dan Temkin, Ted Frantz, and Fred McConkey.


The SMP update is a complex document.  A working draft version of the SMP Executive Summary, The Plan, and all Appendices is available on the website: www.huntspoint-wa.gov, click "Hot Topics", then click "Shoreline Master Plan Update".


Once the SMP is accepted by DOE, the Town will post the final version and will prepare an Executive Summary. The main take away for waterfront residents is to maintain and preserve your current shoreline improvements, such as docks, piers, bulkheads, and near shore impervious improvements. It will be more restrictive in the future to replace these improvements.






The Town has invested an additional $75,000 since January 1, 2012 to upgrade and replace our security cameras, servers, and software. We are now on par with Medina's state of the art system, and are essentially an extension of their system.


The Town went five years (2006-2011), without a home invasion burglary.  Since October 2011, we have had four home invasion burglaries and one stolen car. Crime is increasing all around us. We have upgraded our system to read, sort, and display license plate numbers for the police.This new system has helped speed up their access to this recorded information.


Please follow the four Block Watch recommendations listed above. Don't wait for your home to be burglarized before it becomes a priority.






We invite all residents to attend the 92nd Annual Clean Up Day. The major "clean up" project for this year is to remove the bushes, weeds and blackberries between Town Hall and the play structure at the park. Bring your leather gloves and pitch in to help out.


At noon, we break for hamburgers, hot dogs, and a community picnic on the Town Hall lawn. Bring the kids, as we have organized games and activities.  Kids under six eat free, all others are $5 each. Get the kids to Town Hall by 9:30 so they can ride in the pop truck, a Hunts Point tradition.


One of our newest neighbors is hosting the cocktail party at their beautiful home, toward the north end of Hunts Point Road, on the east side. Dress is business casual. The cost is $20 each, and please bring an appetizer to share. This is a fun event. We look forward to seeing you there. An invitation with the details was mailed to your home. Please stop by Town Hall if you need more information, or if you did not receive information in the mail.





Hunts Point Clean Up Day

A neighborhood tradition for 92 years...


Sunday, May 20th

Schedule of Events


9:00 am - Continental Breakfast at Town Hall

Message from the Mayor

Citizen of the Year Award

Tree City USA Award


    9:30 am - Work Parties Begin


   12:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Lunch at Town Hall

Hot Dogs/Burgers - $5

Kids under six eat free


    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Kids' Games and Activities


Questions? Call Town Hall 425-455-1834

If you would like to be more involved, please visit

Hunts Point Town Hall for more information.


After a day of fun, sun and work

Please join your neighbors and friends at the


Clean Up Day Cocktail Party

Sunday evening, May 20th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

At the far north end of Hunts Point Road

(see your mailed invitation for address)

$20 per person, please bring an appetizer to share




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