Block Watch / Map Your Neighborhood / Emergency Preparedness
Last Update:  16 April 2014

The Town of Hunts Point works with volunteer residents in the community to prevent crime and prepare for emergency response and has consolidated its Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness activities using the block-watch concept.

Block Watch is a simple program that organizes residents into groups who watch out for each other and report criminal and/or suspicious behavior to local law enforcement.  The Town of Hunts Point has expanded the Block Watch concept to include preparing for emergency response by incorporating Map Your Neighborhood into the Block Watch program. Map Your Neighborhood is another simple program that gives residents the tools to develop an effective emergency-response plan by collecting and organizing important information needed to assist one another in the case of an emergency, e.g. an earthquake, fire, or other natural disaster.

To manage these programs, the Town has been organized into nine zones. Each zone has a designated Captain that coordinates Block Watch and Map Your Neighborhood activities for their zone. Block Watch captains work with the residents in their zones to develop and implement these important neighborhood-safety programs. To complement the Town's emergency-response plan, the captains are using Map Your Neighborhood to identify existing resources within their zones and determine how best to mobilize those resources when needed.

If you are unsure which zone you are in or who your Block Watch captain is, contact Town Hall.  It is important to remain in contact with your Block Watch captain to ensure they have the most up-to-date information regarding your residence and its occupants.

To view a copy of the current Town of Hunts Point Disaster Plan, please click here.

To view a copy of a generic version of the Blockwatch and Map Your Neighborhood booklet for Hunts Point, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Block Watch or Map Your Neighborhood, please contact Town Hall at 425.455.1834.

Individual Safety Measures

As always, residents are encouraged to be actively involved in their personal there are things you can and should do to help secure your home:

  • Lock all doors and windows, all day and all night.
  • Set burglar alarms at night and whenever you are gone. 
  • Park all cars in a locked garage.
  • Lock all cars, even when they are in the locked garage.
  • Use a locking mailbox.

And to help secure your neighborhood, be sure to report any suspicious activity to the police by calling 911 immediately.  The Police would rather have you report something that turns out to be harmless than hesitate to report an activity that seems inappropriate in some way. They are here to help keep our community safe.

Individual Emergency Preparedness

BE PREPARED!  An important part of any and all emergency plans is being prepared to help yourself and your family.  Everyone in the Puget Sound area should be prepared to survive without outside assistance for a minimum of three days, five is even better.  As part of this preparation, residents are encouraged to prepare personal Disaster Supplies Kits for their home, vehicles, boat, office, etc.  For suggestions about the contents of these kits, please click here.

Additional information about planning and preparing for an emergency can be found on the King County and the American Red Cross websites.  The American Red Cross also has prepackaged disaster kits, first-aid kits, books and other supplies available for purchase through their online store.