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Last Update:  January 20, 2016

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The Town of Hunts Point limits the number of animals to two dogs and two cats per household.  Our regulations require that pets be licensed and that dogs be under voice or signal control or on a leash anytime they are off their owners' property.  The City of Medina handles our licensing and issues lifetime pet licenses through their City Hall.  Forms and fees are available at Medina City Hall or on their website (  Please call them at 425.633.6400 for more information.

The Medina Police Department provides animal-control services to the Town of Hunts Point.    Medina does not patrol the Town for animal-related problems, but they will respond to complaints of loose, nuisance, or noisy animals.  If you have questions or complaints, please call Medina Police at 425.233.6420. 

Block Watch, aka Neighborhood Block Watch, is a
simple, yet highly successful, program that organizes residents into groups that watch out for each other and report criminal and/or suspicious behavior to local law enforcement. The Town is divided into nine zones each with a Block Watch Captain.  The program has been shown to be an effective deterrent to crime at the neighborhood level because it allows neighbors to help police by acting as additional sets of eyes and ears. Community blockwatches can address all types of crime, but their primary focus is typically residential burglary and other crimes around the home, such as larceny, vandalism, and car prowls.  Blockwatch is truly a grassroots effort based on each resident's knowledge of their neighbors and their neighborhood and their desire to help keep that neighborhood safe and secure. If a resident is unsure about which zone they are in or need additional information contact Town Hall.

Please go to the Permit Center page of this website for more information. For the Construction Holiday Calendar click here.

Outdoor burning of brush is no longer allowed.  If you have questions, please contact the Fire Prevention Section of the Bellevue Fire Department at 425.452.6872.

The Kent Police Department has prepared a booklet entitled "Crime Prevention for Everyone" designed to inspire readers to improve safety in their neighborhoods, help police fight crime, prepare for disasters and watch for signs of terrorism.  A .pdf version of the booklet can be found at content/aspx?id=1650&terms=crime%20prevention.

The Town has prepared an emergency-response plan to assist residents in the event of an emergency or disaster.  However, an important part of any and all emergency plans is being prepared to help yourself and your family. Everyone in the Puget Sound area should be prepared to survive without outside assistance for a minimum of 3 days. As part of this preparation, residents are encouraged to prepare personal Disaster Supplies Kits for their home, vehicles, boat, office, etc. For suggestions about the contents of these kits, please click hereAdditional information about planning and preparing for an emergency can be found on the King County and the American Red Cross websites. The American Red Cross also has prepackaged disaster kits, first-aid kits, books and other supplies available for purchase through their online store

Fees for the various services provided and permits issued by the Town are set forth in the
Hunts Point Municipal Code
within the section of the code regulating the activity.

King County maintains a website with information related to the disposal of hazardous waste as part of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program (LHWMP):

The hospital closest to Hunts Point is
Overlake Hospital Medical Center
, 1035 - 116th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA.
Other hospitals located in the greater Seattle include Harborview Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Group Health Cooperative, and Evergreen Hospital (Kirkland).

King County maintains a website at filled with valuable information about the county and the services it provides, including property records, employment, and links to other helpful websites.  Information about King County's solid waste facilities (dumps), including the location and operating hours of the transfer stations in our area, can be found at


  • Cable TV/Internet service is provided by ComcastSign up for service online or by phoning 206.527.5300 or toll-free 1.877.824.2288.
  • Garbage Collection is provided by Republic Services .
  • Gas/Electric Service is provided by Puget Sound Energy, 425.454.2000 or toll-free 1.888.225.5773.
  • Water and Sewer Service are provided by City of Bellevue, 425.452.6973.
  • Telephone service is provided by CenturyLink, 1.800.244.1111.



  • The Town contracts with the Medina Police Department for police-protection services, including crime response and traffic enforcement.  Please contact them by calling 911, whether you have an emergency or a routine matter.  The dispatcher answering your call will ask you several questions to help them prioritize your call and ensure that if it is an emergency it is handled immediately.
  • The Town contracts with the Bellevue Fire Department for fire-protection and Medic One services.  Please contact them for emergency matters at 911 or for routine matters at 425.452.6892

Hunts Point is located in the:

There are two post offices near Hunts Point:
The Medina Post Office is located at 816 Evergreen Point Road in Medina.
The Bellevue Main Post Office is located at 1171 Bellevue Way (at NE 12th Street).

Property Taxes are the Town's primary source of operating revenue, but the Town receives only a portion of the property taxes paid by each property owner.  State statutes mandate that the Town may increase the dollar value of its property-tax levy by no more than 1% without putting a larger increase before the people for a vote.  Hunts Point residents enjoy one of the lowest levy rates in the State of Washington.  The King County Department of Assessments determines property values and collects property taxes on behalf of the Town, the Bellevue School District, the State of Washington, and the Port of Seattle.  Specific information about properties can be found using the
Parcel Viewer
on the King County website.

 - Breaking News for Citizens in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties: 
Be in touch. Stay in touch.
Regional Public Information Network is a regional partnership hosted by King County and providing a one-stop resource for news alerts from more than 75 government, transportation, utility, health and emergency response agencies serving citizens in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. RPIN keeps the public informed about street and highway closures, weather, major transit disruptions, and provides updates on what agencies are doing to respond to emergencies and incidents. The public also can sign up to receive e-mail alerts and pager headlines from RPIN partners and get helpful tips to prepare for emergencies.

Hunts Point is located in the Bellevue School District.  The three main public schools serving Hunts Point are Medina Elementary School, Chinook Middle School, and Bellevue High School.  Private schools serving the residents of Hunts Point are too numerous to list.

Hunts Point participates in MRSC Rosters, a shared statewide small works and consultant roster system that 222 Washington State cities, counties and districts use to search for project bidders.  To be added to this roster, please
click here
to connect to the MRSC Rosters website.

Street lights are operated and maintained by Puget Sound Energy.  If you see a  street light that is out at night, constantly on during the day, or appears to be operating improperly, please report it to PSE by phone at 1.877.229.1235 (toll-free) or online at  Before you report the outage, you will need to make note of the pole number.  Most street light poles have a 12 digit grid number (black & yellow numbering on metal tags) or INTOLIGHT tag (INTOLIGHT logo on metal tag).  If no pole number is visible, note the street intersection or home address that is nearest the pole.

When you have goods delivered to or services performed at your home, e.g. heating-oil deliveries, construction work, home repairs, tree maintenance, etc., please ask the merchant to write the Hunts Point Sales Tax Number 1713 on their copy of your invoice.  When the merchant reports their sales-tax collections to the Washington State Department of Revenue, a portion of the sales tax you have paid to them will be returned to the Town.

The King County Records, Licensing, and Elections Division handles voter registration for the entire County.  You may review information online or call them at 206.296.VOTE.

The State of Washington maintains a website of valuable information about the state, including state government, employment, tourism, etc. as well as links to other helpful sites.

WSDOT provides construction updates for the SR-520 Project.  Please visit
SR-520 Construction Updates on this website for additional information.

The zip code for the Town of Hunts Point is 98004.  Within Hunts Point, there are several Zip+4 extensions for this zipcode.  For example, the Zip+4 at Town Hall is 98004-1121.  Please use Hunts Point, WA and your Zip+4 zip code as your mailing and delivery address.  Not only does it help ensure that your mail is delivered correctly, but it also allows the Town to receive a portion of the sales taxes that you pay for goods and services delivered to your home.  If you do not know your Zip+4 zipcode, please use the Zip+4 Lookup feature on the USPS website.