Last update:  9 August 2012

(Some files are large and may take a few moments to download.)


A Amendments to Classifications 
B Boundary Line Adjustment & Lot Consolidation
C Building Permit
D Building Exemption
E Conditional Use
F Pre-Application
G Reconsiderations & Appeals
I Shoreline Substantial Development
J Site Development
K Special Use
L Subdivision for Major Plat
M Subdivision for Short Plat
N Tree Removal
O Variance
P Fire Sprinkler Requirements



1 Boundary Line Adjustment & Lot Consolidation
2 Building Permit Checklist
3 Building Exemption Application
4 Building Permit Worksheet
4a Asbestos Letter
4b Asbestos and Lead Certification
5 Conditional Use Checklist
6 Demolition Application
7 Demolition Checklist
8 Fee Schedule
9 General Application
  9a   Proof of Agency & Hold Harmless Agreement
9b Heavy Truck Fee
10 Mechanical Application
10a   Mechanical Application Fee Schedule
10b   Mechanical Application Fee Worksheet
11  Mechanical Checklist
11a Certificate of Sound Level Compliance
11b Engineer’s Certificate of Compliance
11c Mechanical Application Information Numbers
12 Pre-Application
13  Pre-Application Checklist
14 Right of Way Use Application
15 Right of Way Use Checklist
16 SEPA Application/Coversheet
17 SEPA Environmental Checklist
18 Shoreline Substantial Development Checklist
19 Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption
20 Site Development Checklist
21 Special Use Checklist
22  Street Opening Application
23 Street Opening Checklist
24 Subdivision- Preliminary for Major Plat Checklist
25 Subdivision- Preliminary for Short Plat Checklist
26 Subdivision- Final for Major & Short Plats Checklist
27 Telecommunications Franchise Application
28 Telecommunications Right of Way Use Application
29 Tree Removal Checklist
30  Variance Checklist
31 Variance Application
32 Appeal Application
33 Plumbing Permit Application
34 Plumbing Fee Worksheet
35 Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule
36 Plumbing Permit Checklist


All activities relating to permits are coordinated through staff at Town Hall, 3000 Hunts Point Road, Hunts Point, WA 98004 Phone (425) 455-1834 , FAX (425) 454-4586.

Permit intake and issuance hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.