Last Update:  18 November 2011

The Town of Hunts Point uses a mayor-council form of government to enact ordinances that set forth the rules and regulations governing conduct within the Town.  The Mayor and the five members of the Council are resident volunteers elected by citizens of the Town.  Council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. Members of the Council serve four-year terms and are eligible to run for re-election without term limits.

The Town also has a Planning Commission, a Park Commission and a Hearing Examiner.

The Planning Commission serves as the advisory board to the Council on land-use issues.  The nine Commissioners are resident volunteers appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.  Commissioners serve six-year terms and are eligible for re-appointment without term limits.

The Park Commission serves as an advisory board to the Council on park and open-space issues.  The five Park Commissioners are resident volunteers appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council to ongoing terms.

The Hearing Examiner is hired by the Town Council to hear and decide upon all applications for quasi-judicial land-use matters.  The examiner is an unbiased non-resident with experience in rviewing and acting upon these important issues.

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