Permit Center & Building Department
Last Update: November 18, 2015

The Town of Hunts Point issues a wide range of permits for work performed within the Town’s corporate limits. Those permits include, but are not limited to, building permits for improvements or new construction on private property, mechanical permits for new mechanical equipment (water heaters, furnaces, gas ranges, air conditioners, etc.), plumbing permits for new plumbing fixtures, and demolition permits for the demolition of structures. Utility companies and individuals performing work on the Town rights of way must first obtain a street opening permit.  Most construction projects require a permit of some type, so it is important that owners contact the Town's Building Department before beginning any construction work, as any owner who starts a project without the needed permits will be charged a penalty in addition to the normal permit fees.

The Town does not issue electrical permits.  Electrical permits are issued by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, Bellevue Service Location, 425.990.1400.

Application packets for the most common permits we issue are listed below. In order to be considered complete, an application must include all of the needed forms properly filled out and payment for all application fees. Permit applications are accepted at Town Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM.  Local regulations affecting building and land use can be found in the Hunts Point Municipal Code.  Other rules and regulations that may pertain to specialized projects can be obtained by contacting the Hunts Point Building Department at 425.455.1834; general zoning information is available on the Town's Zoning Map.  Fees for building permits and other related activities are outlined in the Town's Fee Schedule.

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The Town contracts with Steve Wilcox, dba Municipal Permit Services, for building-official, inspection, and code-enforcement services.  This person reviews permit applications for completeness and compliance with applicable rules and regulations, performs periodic inspections during construction, completes the final inspection needed for a Certificate of Occupancy, and enforces the Town's Building and Zoning Codes when a violation is observed and on a complaint basis.  For more information about the Town Building Department, please contact Town Hall at 425.455.1834.

To arrange for an inspection of your building project, please call Steve Wilcox at 206.235.9137 at least 24 hours in advance, and leave your message with the following information:  Your name and contact phone number, the address of the site to be inspected, and the type of inspection needed.

The Town contracts with the Bellevue Fire Department to review certain building project plans and determine whether fire sprinklers are needed and to inspect the installation of fire-sprinkler systems when completed.  To arrange for an inspection of your fire-sprinkler system, please call the Bellevue Fire Department at 425.452.6875.

The Town contracts with Mona Green for planning services.  Ms. Green reviews permit applications for compliance with the Town's zoning code, prepares staff reports analyzing requests for variance, reviews Shoreline Development applications, and assists the Town Council and Planning Commission with general planning issues.  Please contact Town Hall for a referral to Ms. Green.

The Town contracts with Stacia Schroeder for engineering services.  Ms. Schroeder reviews permit applications when site conditions require an engineering review by the Town and applications for right-of-way permits.  Please contact Town Hall for a referral to Ms. Schroeder. 

You will need a pdf reader to view these files.  If you don't have one already, download Adobe Acrobat for free here:

    Get Acrobat Reader (link to

Boundary Line Adjustment / Lot Consolidation Packet
Building Permit Exemption Packet 
Building Permit Packet  (updated 2/28/12)
Conditional Use Permit Packet
Demolition Packet

Fire Sprinkler Permit Packet (Updated 2/28/12)

Mechanical Packet
Peddler's License
Plumbing Packet
Pre-Application Packet
Reconsideration/Appeal Packet
Right of Way Use Packet
Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption Packet

Shoreline Substantial Development Packet

(You may also need a JARPA, which can be found at:

Site Development Permit Packet
Special Use Permit for Wireless Facilities Packet
Street Opening Packet
Preliminary and Major Subdivision Packet
Short Subdivision Packet
Telecommunications Right-of-Way Use Packet
Telecommunications Franchise Application Packet
Tree Removal Packet
Variance Packet

If you need single forms, please refer to the Forms IndexThis index lists permit forms and instructions frequently used by builders and architects.