Planning Commission

The Planning Commission of the Town of Hunts Point acts as an adviser to the Council on land-use issues.  The Commission consists of five Commissioners, all of whom are residents of the Town and are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Town Council.  Commissioners are volunteers who serve six-year terms and are eligible for re-appointment without term limits.


Member Position Term Expires
Henry Frantz   Chair (1) 12-27
Kellie Schneider   2 12-24
Jill Heijer   3 12-25
Stacy Eakman   4 12-28
Henrik Nielsen   5 12-26










Regular Planning Commission meetings are held at 6:00pm on the last Monday of each month, except during the summer months.  Special meetings may be held from time to time, as needed.  Notices for special meetings are posted at Town Hall at least 24 hours before the meeting.   Residents are encouraged to attend Planning Commission meetings and speak on issues of concern to them.  Residents who cannot attend a meeting may submit comments for the Planning Commission's consideration by emailing or delivering them to Town Hall.



The Planning Commission's role is to assist the Town Council in matters related to land use and zoning, including reviewing the Town's Comprehensive Plan, studying current issues related to land use or zoning, developing ordinance language in response to these issues, conducting preliminary public hearings on proposed land-use ordinances to ensure public involvement in the rule-making process, and making recommendations to the Town Council based upon those hearings.