Building Department: General Information


Building Department Hours: Please contact Sue Israel 

Most construction projects require a permit of some type, so it is important that owners contact the Town's Building Department before beginning any construction work, as any owner who starts a project without the needed permits will be charged a penalty in addition to the normal permit fees.  


The Town of Hunts Point issues a wide range of permits for work performed within the Town’s corporate limits. Those permits include, but are not limited to:

  • building permits for improvements or new construction on private property
  • mechanical permits for new mechanical equipment (water heaters, furnaces, gas ranges, air conditioners, etc.)
  • plumbing permits for new plumbing fixtures
  • demolition permits for the demolition of structures


The Town does not issue electrical permits. Electrical permits are issued by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, Bellevue Service Location, 425.990.1400.