Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness

The Town of Hunts Point works with volunteer residents in the community to prevent crime and prepare for emergency response and has consolidated its Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness activities using the block-watch concept.

Block Watch is a simple program that organizes residents into groups who watch out for each other and report criminal and/or suspicious behavior to local law enforcement.  The Town of Hunts Point has expanded the Block Watch concept to include preparing for emergency response by incorporating Map Your Neighborhood into the Block Watch program. Map Your Neighborhood is another simple program that gives residents the tools to develop an effective emergency-response plan by collecting and organizing important information needed to assist one another in the case of an emergency, e.g. an earthquake, fire, or other natural disaster.

To manage these programs, the Town has been organized into nine zones. Each zone has a designated Captain that coordinates Block Watch and Map Your Neighborhood activities for their zone. Block Watch captains work with the residents in their zones to develop and implement these important neighborhood-safety programs. To complement the Town's emergency-response plan, the captains are using Map Your Neighborhood to identify existing resources within their zones and determine how best to mobilize those resources when needed.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Block Watch or Map Your Neighborhood, please contact Town Hall at 425.455.1834.