Points 4th of July Celebration

IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE TOGETHER AGAIN! The Points July 4th festivities are an integral part of what makes our community so special. The weekend’s events have been part of a time-honored tradition for 46 years! This year, we are thrilled to have several days of events leading up to the parade. 
We know many of you are asking if we will be hosting fireworks this year, sadly at this point in time we are unable to.  We are looking into options and not giving up.  Please note that your donations support future years of so many events!  We are looking for community partners to help bring back fireworks.  A barge would be very helpful in this effort, so if you know anyone (or happen to have a shipping company with access) please let us know!  We have many events for the family, which culminate in our iconic community parade and picnic, so even without the evening show, we are going to put on the red, white and blue and celebrate!
To keep these traditions alive, please consider contributing to the extent you are able. A suggested $300 per family is being asked to help us reach our fundraising target. To donate, go to www.points4th.org/donations or mail/drop off a check at Yarrow Point Town Hall, payable to Yarrow Point Community Association, Attn: Points July 4th.
Thank you for your support – we could not continue this tradition without it!
Your Points 4th Committee,
Kate Scher, Samantha Vanover, Georgina Frantz Dana Gribble, Jayme Freeborn, Sara Adams, Danica Eakman & John McGlenn.